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Top Reasons Crowns come Loose

Posted on 6/9/2015 by Tom Bierman
Tooth with tilted golden crownWhen you get a dental crown, you expect it to last forever, but like most things in life, nothing lasts forever. There are certain conditions that are out of your control that could render a crown loose as well as those that are within your control that if not monitored can make a crown fail. If you find that your porcelain crown feels different or loose, make sure to come in right away for an appointment so that we can determine the cause and rectify the situation.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can fall under both categories - it is preventable in most cases, but not all. Just because you have a crown does not mean that you do not need to care for your tooth that is underneath the crown. Remember that the crown is just a cap on top of your existing tooth, however much of it is left. You still need to properly brush and floss around that area as well as watch your diet to minimize the risk of tooth decay. Typically, the crown will need to be removed and ultimately replaced in order to ensure that all of the decay is removed and properly filled before the tooth is crowned again.

Eating a Lot of Hard to Chew Foods

The cement that is used to secure the crown in place is meant to last for many years, but if you are consistently chewing foods that are difficult to chew or are sticky, the cement could come loose prematurely. Try to minimize the foods that you eat that require excessive chewing. If you find that you are chewing a lot, at the very least, cut the food into very small pieces in order to put less pressure on your crown, allowing the cement to stay intact.


Just like your natural teeth, porcelain crowns are subject to damage when trauma occurs. If you suffer an accident, the porcelain can easily break. The portion of your tooth and the tooth's root can also be damaged depending on the type of trauma that has occurred. The most important factor is that you are seen right away in order to minimize the long-term damage that occurs as a result of the trauma. The accident can be a result of a car accident, slip and fall or even sporting accident - anything that involves a hard hit to the mouth can put your mouth at risk.

Treatment for a Broken Crown

Every case is different when it comes to treating a broken crown. In some cases, we are able to restore the original crown if the damage was minimal. If there are any issues beneath the gum line, including any issues to the roots, the entire crown will need to be removed and reconfigured after the appropriate treatment to the tooth, roots, and gums have taken place. It is essential that we are able to find the appropriate treatment to fix the underlying problem before the crown is replaced to ensure long-term future success.

If you are worried about your dental crowns, come in for an appointment. We will evaluate the problems occurring in your mouth and come up with a treatment plan to get your mouth back to as good as new. Not every case requires a tooth extraction even when a crown fails. Every situation is different and requires individual attention in order to determine what the next step should be in order to ensure long-term optimal oral health.

Call us today at (858) 457-4100 to set up an evaluation so that we can help you restore your oral health, enabling you to eat, smile, and talk with ease once again!
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